Catch the wind or catch some rays and you can power your iPhone or many other devices with the K3: Portable Solar And Wind Charger [$99]. K3 is a compact tribrid wind-and-solar-powered generator about the size of a flashlight. It is ideal for mobile phones, iPods/mp3 players, iPhone, smartphones/PDAs, portable gaming devices, GPS units, digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets, and more. The K3 packs the largest rechargeable battery capacity of its class – ready to re-use over and over again. USB port built-in for adapter tips to charge various devices. Also charges from any computer via USB and car cigarette-lighter with available USB adapter. The K3 collects and stores power from the sun and wind, or from an AC wall plug, computer via USB, or an auto adapter, The power is stored in the K3’s internal rechargeable battery. Utilize the free power of the sun and wind now within your reach!