The The JBL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker [$149.99] is one solid piece of Uber Apparatus. Check this out… First thing this morning, I took the JBL Charge to work, to show off to my buddies. I cranked it up in one of  their offices  – not even full blast – and here comes all the IT/Networking dudes from down the hall wanting to know what kind of machine was blasting Daft Punk up and down the halls. Like my cohorts at the Uber Office, once your listen to this canister of awesomeness you will agree that the JBL Charge kicks ass! Yes,  it delivers a rich and full-range sound with exceptional bass for being a portable job but really this  Bluetooth speaker sounds unbelievable regardless of it’s size. It was designed to be used both horizontally and vertically. And get this… It has a USB port which allows you to use the speaker’s built-in 6,000mAh lithium ion battery to CHARGE YOUR PHONE, and that is Uber Cool! It comes with a USB cord, a plug and a very sweet neoprene carrying case.   The JBL Charge is ideal for active, outdoor lifestyles. It fits easily into a backpack, briefcase or glove box. The JBL Charge stereo speaker is an affordable,  portable audio powerhouse for any environment. Definitely one of the best wireless speakers on the market.

Available at JBL