With the growing number of portable Bluetooth speakers on the market these days, the choice can be daunting. Here’s one of our favorites. The JBL Charge 2 Bluetooth Speaker [$150] has improved upon the original Charge which was no small task. It has built-in passive radiators to make it “all about that bass” and features an uber-awesome social mode that allows three people to serve up songs and playlists from their own phone or other bluetooth enabled device. You can take calls on it using its built-in mic. Powered by a 6000 mAh battery that lasts up to 12 hours it will keep you jamming like a boss until the cows come home. And in case you couldn’t tell by it’s name, the Charge 2′s battery can charge your device as well. Once again JBL sets the benchmark that all Bluetooth speakers strive to achieve.

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