The Innokin Disrupter [$49.99 on sale] is the latest high powered vaporizer and is the first device to utilize Innokin’s InnokinCell Vaping Power System LiPo replaceable battery technology. The great thing about Innokin is they are a vape company devoted to safety, so they can provide higher quality vapes for the best vaping experience. Their vaping system is engineered specifically to power advanced personal vaporizers and is safer, smarter, and lasts longer than current power solutions. E-cigs with real power, a max continuous output of 20Amp, the Innokin lasts longer an.

The Disrupter body is available in 3 colors and the InnokinCell battery is available in 7 colors. Choose one standard color or match different colors for your own totally new and unique style. The InnokinCell also features a LED touch power indicator so you’ll always know how much power remains and when to swap out.

Enjoy the Innokin Disrupter Innocell Vaping Power System