I’m a Seersucker for a Boy in a Bow Tie Tee by Lauren James [$32] is a southern tee that makes the perfect present for your southern girl! The preppy style is very common in the south, but it is sometimes impossible to dress preppy and comfy at the same time! This tee shirt makes the impossible, possible! I highly recommend this product for your girl whether she’s southern, northern or anywhere in-between! She will enjoy this adorable southern tee because it allows a girl to stay fashionable, while staying casual. I am a real seer’sucker’ for this darling shirt and wear mine all the time! My friends give me so many compliments on it and all want one of their own!  You guys always complain that women are impossible to figure out. Well, this tee should give you all the direction you need!

— Beth R., Gifts For Your Girl Reporter

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