While most coolers on the market these days easily crack, leak, or break over a short period of time, Yeti Coolers are known for being extremely durable and persevering ‘coolness’. A Yeti cooler is strong enough to ride off of Niagara Falls and will keep a block of ice frozen for 2 days while sitting in direct sunlight. So why wouldn’t Howler Brothers team up with the world’s best cooler manufacture? The Yeti X Custom Cooler [$249.99 – $399.99] has all the same amenities as any Yeti cooler but with cool, customized Howler Bros. graphics on it. Available in White and Desert Tan in 3 sizes; Roadie 20, Tundra 45 and Tundra 65. The Howler Custom Yeti Ice Chest is the perfect place to store your latest catch on ice or keeping a 24 pack chilled while you’re out for a hike.

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