The House of Marley Chant Sport [$119.99] is a portable Bluetooth speaker that stands out in a saturated market. It is uber-loud, especially for its size. It boasts a built-in speakerphone feature that surpasses others that we’ve tried, in its class. With its water-resistant design that can actually float, the Chant Sport exceeds, where others merely meet, expectations. Like most House of Marley products, the materials used are environmentally friendly whenever possible. The housing is made of blended bio-plastic, silicone, and recyclable aluminum. OK, enough of the extras, how’s it sound? In a word, great. We passed the Chant Sport around the office this week and let the staff put it through the paces. They all had great things to say about the sound. Usually we have one or two of our staff have some critical feed-back, but not with this. That says a lot! Especially since one of our crew is a sworn curmudgeon. But even he said it sounds awesome… his words, not mine. Overall the Chant Sport is definitely Uber Apparatus!

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