Dude! You have to see this! No kidding, it’s the best screen protector ever! Can you take a saw, drill and a hammer to your screen with your current screen protector? What about a bubble free application guaranteed every time? Yea, I didn’t think so. Well I take that back. IF you currently have a Holy Grail Screen Protector [$30.99 to $54.99] from Sir Lancelot’s Armor on your phone then the answer is YES, I CAN! The Holy Grail by Sir Lancelot’s Armor is the world’s first line of reusable screen protectors made of tempered bulletproof glass. The new screen protectors rank #9 on the Mohs scale of hardness (only a diamond ranks higher). This proprietary glass blend is optimized not just for strength, but also screen clarity and usability. The Holy Grail line is only screen protector on the market that is 100% bubble-proof, remarkably easy to apply, and reusable. The Holy Grail screen protectors are currently available for Apple (iPhone, iPads and Minis), plus top LG and Samsung smartphones.

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