If you’re are looking for an all-in-one solution for audio streaming, one with multiple speaker designs for various zones through-out your home, then you must checkout Hitachi’s Smart Wi-Fi Speakers [$129 – $179]. These babies use the AllPlay audio platform that comes with uber popular music sources like Spotify, Pandora,  iHeartRadio, Rhapsody…. you get the idea. With three sizes to mix and match, they have models for small, medium or large spaces. They can operate independently or together and are easily controlled with a killer app on your phone or tablet. No longer do you have to keep your phone near your speaker if you want to stream via Bluetooth. I mean you can if you want to, it does that perfectly, but you don’t need to because it streams through your home’s Wi-Fi. You can use your phone to play songs from any device on your network to any room in your home. You can then be the DJ in your house playing different music in each room or the same music on all of them. And what’s more, is they sound incredible. Hitatchi has a long history of producing top notch audio components and these beasts measure up to that reputation in every way. Connecting the speakers to you network is simple. They have a video that shows you exactly how to set them up. We haven’t found a speaker system with all these features, that sounds near as good for twice this price, so I’d say that makes them the Best of Breed, wouldn’t you? Well done Hitatchi!

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