Shaking hands is something a lot of us may take for granted, but have you every really given it much thought? Handshaking was practiced in ancient Greece as far back as the 5th century BC;  The handshake is thought by some to have originated as a gesture of peace by demonstrating that the hand holds no weapon. But  you can look that up later … for now we’ll just concentrate on how to give a proper one. A successfully executed handshake is important. Uber Apparatus has some simple instructions and advice for you that will make sure you knock your next handshake out of the park.

  1. Extend your right hand toward the person with whom you will be shaking hands. Palm perpendicular to the ground.
  2. Your arm should be parallel to the ground, your thumb pointing upward.
  3. When they offer their hand, engage completely with your own so that the crotches of your hands touch. (Yea… I said “crotches” grow up!)
  4. Give their hand a firm yet gentle squeeze, while administering one downward shake that travels about 1 inch.
  5. Release their hand.
  6. Do not wipe your hand on your pant leg (or theirs for that matter), or immediately break out the hand sanitizer.

Other Uber Handshaking Tips:

  • Pretend the other person’s hand is a dove. Grip it hard enough so the dove can’t move, but not so hard as to kill it.
  • Don’t let that dove move at all, or you will be giving a handshake that is too loose, which  doesn’t portray you as very confidant.
  • Make friendly eye contact. You should be thinking about how stoked you are to meet them or to see your old buddy, your feelings should show in your eyes and be accompanied with a sincere greeting. ie “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Bon Jovi.”
  • A fist bump should NEVER take the place of a hand shake. It’s just awkward and juvenile.

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