Valentine’s Day is approaching, so what have you got planned for this romantic day? If you are a man, your answer may well be ‘nothing’ – but at least you are taking an interest by reading this. Typically, there is an expectation that you will impress her with your romantic nature, and the way you demonstrate this side of you is through your selection of gifts. That is where is gets tricky. You won’t be given any clues or hints, but are likely to be expected to just know what she wants. And unfortunately, no two women are the same, so you can’t ask your best friend for advice, as the underwear they bought their partner might be an insult to yours. Try and subtly quiz her on what she likes, pay more attention to the things that catch her eye as she passes the shops and think back to any gifts she has received that she has liked in the past. These tips can get you on track.

If you are a woman reading this post – be prepared for disappointment – again!

This infographic has been provided by Linda Firth of, based on her research into shopping habits.