The holidays are coming, which means visiting with family and being thankful for the good things in life. It’s also a time to gorge on juicy turkey, creamy mashed potatoes and mouth-watering desserts. Sitting back and enjoying the spoils is the best part, but why not make cooking more interesting, too?

Home repair and do-it-yourself jobs can be put by the wayside in the cold months of winter — which means your power tools are neglected as well. Instead of letting your precious power tools gather dust over the holidays, put them to good use by preparing a handyman’s holiday feast.

Before jumping in, don’t forget to prepare the area around you, including yourself. To guard your cabinets and floors from flying food debris, secure a protective barrier — a tarp should do the trick — around your cooking space. Guard yourself against mashed potato missiles by wearing a heavy-duty apron, gloves and a face mask.

Your relatives will be amazed at your craftiness when you show off your culinary skills. Once they’re done wiping dough off their faces and picking corn kernels from their hair, they’ll enjoy a magnificent spread made with love … and power tools.

This holiday season, don’t just cook dinner — own dinner. Use this infographic as a guide to put more muscle in your meal by cooking with power tools.

*Disclaimer: This infographic is purely for entertainment. Cooking with power tools is messy, dangerous and is not recommended.