The Grill Daddy Pro [$19.99] is Grill Daddy’s signature product designed to clean grills with the power of steam while protecting your hands from the grill. Without the use of harsh chemicals, the Grill Daddy Pro safely sanitizes your grill by steaming and scrubbing away food residue and grease. We used the Grill Daddy Pro on the Uber Apparatus grill which was left uncleaned since Labor Day 2013 (my fault, I was supposed to have done that) and it did an amazing job. It’s powerful sanitizing, liquefying action literally melted away the charred buildup. The ergonomically designed body provided plenty of leverage while protecting my hands from the grill heat. The stainless steel brushes cleaned up nicely in the dishwasher and are easily replaceable. The Grill Daddy Pro is safe on stainless steel, ceramic, and iron grills.