Face it, most action cams are ugly. But you will look much cooler with the Graava Action Cam [$250] strapped to your helmet. And while beauty may only be skin deep, this beast has a LOT of substance inside that sets it apart. Graava makes use of embedded sensors (like ones in your smartphone) and records movement and acceleration information to enable auto-editing of your videos. After returning from a day of documenting your outdoor exploits, you can use the App on your smart phone to do awesome things, like tell Graava to summarize 3 hours of video in a 2-minute clip …. with a soundtrack! Then you just drop it in its charger and go to bed. Graava will detect that it has power, activate Wi-Fi connectivity and automatically synchronize and edit the video for you. You get a notification when the clip is available and ready to share. Graava use futuristic AI algorithms and the sensor data recorded by the camera to automatically pick the most awesome scenes from the raw footage. Yea, I’d say that is indeed Uber Apparatus!

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