I’m usually not a goatee kind of guy, but I wear one occasionally. Having only one eye, it can be challenging for me at times to get it symmetrical. That’s when I tried the Goatee Saver [$19.99].  I was reluctant to use something that kind of looked like a toy, but the adjustable settings for my over-sized noggin made shaving a nicely trimmed goatee a breeze. It comfortably fit over my grill and area I wanted as my ‘tee. A couple of swipes of the razor was all it took to get it outlined like I wanted. Clean up was quick and easy, ready for its next use. The Goatee Saver is a product I would recommend to any man wanting to have that neatly trim ‘tee any woman would love to rub.
– Abe Costa (Guest Reviewer)

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