Your best laid plan need not always go awry. Starting with an awesome set of plans is crucial to any project. For the Uber Man Cave Project we searched the internet over and finally found true love at The Garage Plan Shop. TGPS knows that finding the right garage plan can be quite challenging. They are committed to making your garage plan shopping experience simple and easy. With thousands of garage plans, garage apartment plans and outbuildings in one place, they REALLY saved us  a lot of time and energy. TGPS has eliminated the need to shop various websites because the best of the best is right there. Their garage plans are sorted into small and manageable categories which allowed us to instantly narrow our search to a specific type of garage. The knowledgeable staff at TGPS has been in the stock plan business and serving the public for many years.  After careful consideration we finally decided on the Unique 1-Car Garage Plan, 028G-0013.  This plan featured everything we wanted.  Apartment Access via Interior Stairs, Storage Space, Storage Closet/Attic and the steep pitch roof really blended well with the Cape Cod roof on the existing house. Coming up in our next installment, we will be pouring the slab and laying the foundation.