Oh, what do we have here? A tough guy, huh? Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Speaker [$229] is constructed from fiber-reinforced resin and solid aluminum to protect the speaker from whatever you throw at it. The cock-strong end-caps will absorb impacts on all eight corners while steel mesh protects the drivers on both sides. The Fugoo Tough speaker is built to play loud and hard. And if it takes an uber-nasty fall, the replaceable slide-on jacket will likely take all the damage. It even comes with an allen wrench to remove the jacket. Gotta love a speaker that comes with a wrench!

OK, so it’s tough as nails, but how does the Fugoo Tough sound? Well, the short answer is… AWESOME. The Fugoo Tough packs a lot of audio technology in it’s diminutive size: two tweeters, two mid/sub drivers, and two passive radiators pump up the jams like a mofo.  There’s no distortion what-so-ever, even when you crank it all-the-way to 11. The clean, natural quality of the midrange and treble comes as a pleasant surprise when you compare it to some other compact Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth pairing is pretty much automatic.  The Fugoo Tough has been Uber-Tested and is Uber-Awesome!