So here it is. The latest disc from Vibram Disc Golf that has created all the buzz, the Four20 [$17.99]. Before I get started with the technical stuff, I have to address the name of the disc. I was over on reddit on their DiscGolf Subreddit and there is this thread about the name of Vibram’s latest disc. (For those that don’t know the significance of the term “420” read this). Whether the name is a reference to weed or is actually the 420th project for Vibram, I really don’t care. I think the “controversy” is good for the sport. Also, it is purely a coincidence that I posted this on April 20th!  🙂

Now on to the important stuff. How does it fly? I took my brand new Four20 out to the local course and gave it a try. In case you aren’t familiar with Vibram discs, they are made of a vulcanized rubber not plastic. It’s like they come “broke in” and they are super durable. They are pretty much impossible to break. The specs say it’s very overstable and fast. I am guessing that their O-Lace just wasn’t Overstable enough for the serious Popeye arms out there, so they cranked up the overstableness to maximum. Touted as their most overstable disc to date, I found that to be EXACTLY the case. If you dig a super fast disc that is as durable as it is overstable then the FOUR20 is right on time! (You see what I did there?)


  • Launch Speed: 60 mph
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: +18

Check it out: Vibram Disc Golf