Should I stay or should I go? The Clash asked this question in their 1982 hit song and while they never seemed to find the answer, it would have perhaps been an easier decision if they had a Foretell Watch [$80-$100]. The Foretell Watch from Projects Watches answers this and other life altering question once and for all by providing you with a new answer every five seconds. Like a Magic 8 Ball… 1) Ask a question. 2) Look at Foretell. 3) Read the sage advice. 4) Moveon with your life knowing you can’t be blamed for another bad decision. Blame it on your watch. It measures 40mm (1.57″) in diameter and has a 20mm wide leather band or choose a Projects exclusive black mesh stainless steel band or a black silicone band. The watch measures 9 1/2″ from end to end with 7″ to the closest hole and 9 1/2″ inches from the farthest hole. The black IP stainless steel case is complemented with a black IP stainless steel buckle for both the leather and silicone bands.

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