How does a love song and a bush hog have anything to do with a Kickstarter Project? Well about 20 years ago, Fitz Ryan was about to have an album of his songs recorded by an almost famous band in Raleigh N.C. Shortly before the band made it into the studio, they did what most almost famous bands do. They broke up. Fitz got married had a couple of kids and Fitz’s album remained unrecorded. Though the years he always dreamed of being able to go into a studio and with a professional producer, bring his vision of what he intended these songs to sound like, to life. But as is the case with pretty much all working class folks, any money he hoped to set aside for his dream was needed for raising a family. From daycare to college tuition and everything in-between, paycheck to paycheck reality had pretty much trumped Fitz’s wildcard dream of producing his concept album that is based on Fitz’s life, growing up in the rural south. Until one day a friend who had backed about a dozen crowdfunding projects came up with the idea of “The Fitz Ryan Kickstarter Project”

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