FIREase’s IncinerGrate [$64.99 – $74.99] delivers an outstanding value proposition by revolutionizing campfires and fire pit fires for the backyard fire pit owner and the RV/car camper. It (1) makes these fires easy to build, start and maintain, (2) frees up time for other fun activities and (3) makes them visually captivating while burning brighter and longer. The IncinerGrate is a welded steel grate that maintains the fire logs in a teepee form throughout the fire. In addition to the core product FIREase offers a collapsible version for easier transport by the RV/car camper. A one minute video can be viewed on the website by clicking here. This product is for both the experienced and inexperienced fire builder. For those inexperienced at building fires, it helps remove the challenge of keeping the fire going. For the experienced fire builder, its just more fun. They can spend more time with their guests and less time tending the fire.

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