Finders Key Purse [$7] is an accessory that decorates the outside of her purse, and at the same time, makes it easy for your lovey lady to find her keys.  (OK… I have to interject some man truth here, I know I’m not the only guy that has to hunt through his girlfriends/wives cravenness purse to locate her keys, so this is as much a gift for yourself as it is for her). Envision an upside down U.  On one side is a decoration and the other side has a clasp. Your better-half attaches her keys or key-chain to the clasp,  slides the upside down U on the side of her purse with a cute decoration on the outside and keys safely on the inside.  No more digging, hunting or fishing to the bottom of the purse to find those damned keys. Not only is this a convenience, but a safety measure for here as well. At $7 each, this is an uber-affordable yet uber-awesome gift for any woman.  All the ladies on my gift list will definitely be getting one of these this year. They have about a 100 different designs to chose from.

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