Treble espresso? Ice-cold shower? The Greatest Shoutings Of Jeremy Clarkson piped at 140 decibels? Whatever your preferred method of blowing out the cobwebs, of waking up to face the day, it’ll inevitably pale into insignificance beside this.

This is the Ferrari F60 America, effectively the open-top version of the insane F12 and quite possibly the most invigorating wake-up call on Planet Earth.

The fixed-roof F12, after all, is pretty much as invigorating as a supercar can be, with its screaming, 8700rpm 6.3-litre V12 firing no fewer than 730 horses to the rear wheels, storming the two-seater north past 200mph. “You can’t even sneeze when you drive this car,” winced Clarkson when he tested the F12 in Scotland. “Because if you did … well, they’d have to hose you off the road.”

Via: Top Gear