Everyone loves a good app – even Zen Master, Andrew Weiss! For those who do not know, Andrew Weiss is a meditation teacher, author of “Beginning Mindfulness

,” and is devoted to supporting his students to realize full awakening in each moment of their lives. Andrew’s picks for his favorite meditation apps are available in free versions, the paid versions are slightly more robust and cost anywhere from [$0.99 to $2.99].

Insight Timer by Spotlight Six Software
Andrew says “It’s the best meditation timer I know. The type of bell sound, the number of bells at the beginning and end, etc are all customizable.”
Free for iPhoneFree for Android

Progressive Alarm by Spotlight Six Software
This is an alarm clock app that allows you to choose from a large selection of bell sounds and gradually progresses the volume to help us wake up peacefully. The Progressive Alarm app also allows you to customize how frequently the bells sound and how quickly the volume progresses.
Free for iPhone

Lotus Bud Mindfulness Bell by Chad Sager
This very simple app sounds a bell randomly. There are provisions to quiet the bell without quitting the app as well as for setting one period of time per day aside to silence the bell.
Free for iPhone