Farm to Feet produces 100% American socks [$24 – $27] . To produce a 100% American made product requires more than just being “Made in the USA.” 100% American means a U.S. based supply chain with U.S. produced raw materials. Farm To Feet™ socks are made with U.S. Wool, U.S. Nylon, & U.S. Spandex. In addition, the paperboard and inks in there packaging are also produced in America.  A number of their socks are named for cities related to their company and it’s supply chain- including the North Carolina cities & towns of Conover, Mt. Airy, High Point, Ashboro, and Wrightsville.  But besides the awesomeness of where and how they are made, the fact is,  these socks are the best socks we’ve EVER seen.  These socks have been Uber Tested and are Uber Awesome! Your girl(s) will absolutely love these socks…  our Uber Girls do! This is a “can’t miss” gift this year.

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  • Lynne B. (Durham N.C. )… Awesome. I just ordered a pair of Wrightsvilles.