There is nothing worse than being in a strange town and being homesick for your bar, your friends and especially your favorite sports team. FanFinder finds the bars in your area where fans of your team hang out and watch the game. It will even send out an e-mail telling your friends where you are so they can come and join the traveling tailgate. It’s a fantastic app for new city residents or fanatics away on business. It’s even better for finding fans and bars of rival teams and showing up to taunt them before the big game. Hope you survive to see kickoff, tough guy.

When you find a bar you like, simply tap the green pin for the name of the bar and tap again for its address and phone number. Click a button to get directions to the bar. You may also Invite Your Friends to join you at the bar by having the application generate an email message to them with key information about where and when to meet you. Remember — you can’t “High-Five” yourself.

If a business trip or vacation will take you to another, less familiar location, you may use the Search function to scout sports bars in advance of your trip. No matter where you are, FanFinder Mobile helps you secure “home-bar advantage”.