No, it wasn’t an epidemic of strep throat that kept all the guys in your office home sick Wednesday. It was the release of Fallout 4 [$59.99]. Fallout 4, the fantastical fan favorite franchise from Bethesda dropped at midnight on Tuesday and I think it’s great. I just spent a few minutes checking out some reviews from around the web and I have to say, the guys reviewing this game are about as original as I am, and I pretty much copy and paste everything I write. They are saying some nit-picky ass shit about this game. “The graphics are mediocre, at best”, “the mechanics are clunky” and my personal favorite, “Conversations are lousy”. And, I’m like… really??? They act as if this amazing shit we are blessed to be playing is so awful that we may as well be playing Return to The Haunted House on our Atari Flashback 6. I say screw them. This is an amazing game and you, me and every-other guy in the world who owns a console should and will play it. So shut your pie hole, get off my website, go collect some bottle caps and find your freakin son!

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