The FADE Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag [$44.95] is a damn fine-looking, durable, 10-12 disc bag for everyday play in a bunch of colors. Just owning one will let you tell people you ACE at least one hole every game. I got the “Camo” Crunch Box but the guys over at FADE Gear call it “Dude, where’s your bag?” Because…well…Dude, Where’s your bag? You can even hide behind this bag when you hear the call of nature on the trail. Talk about camouflage. You can search, but you won’t find another bag with a feature list like this one at this price. FADE Gear supposedly has a crew of Howler Monkeys that test their bags harder than you’ll ever use them. They’ve thrown it at trees, down hills, run over it with cars, slammed it in the baskets, and drug it through mud.

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