You spent a lot of cash on your awesome set of headphones and they are so awesome they even fold flat. Why? Becasue that looks cool? Well yes, but it’s also to make them fit into a case. So what”s a good case to store them in? Well we really like the GOcase F2 Headphone Case [$60]. It features a durable 4-layer construction, premium materials, and thoughtful design. The F2 Case is a follow up to GOcase’s best seller, the F-Type Headphone Case. They incorporated customer feedback into the F2 Case, and improvements include a removable zippered pouch for easy storage of cords and more clearance for the headband so headphones can be stored at different adjustment levels. Here’s a list of top brand headphones that they are known to accommodate.

  • Parrot Zik
  • Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6
  • Grado PS500
  • Sony MDR-V700DJ and MDR-1R
  • All Bose noise canceling headphones
  • Pioneer HDJ series
  • B&W P5
  • Sennheiser MM 550-X

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