You may not be aware of it, but everyone hears sound in a different way. This is especially true over the wide spectrum of frequencies associated with music. Not only is it different from person to person, it’s also different from your right to left ear. So while certain earphones may sound good to me, to you..maybe not. EVEN Earphones [$99] aims to solve this issue in a very cool way. Here’s how it works. By clicking one button (The EVEN Button) on the volume controller you start the built-in virtual audio guide. Sarah – a very sweet and patient lady – guides you step by step through the process to create your personal profile. She plays several pieces of different types of music. You click the EVEN button once the music is audible. This is done for your left and right ear. The process takes about two minutes. The controls on the cord are pretty standard: two volume buttons and a play/pause button, as well as a built-in mic so you can take calls. You have to charge them up every once-in-a-while. But the charge lasts a very long time in my tests. The sound is rich and crisp. The are comfortable and the cord is non-tangle. Bottom line is they are awesome! Get a pair and hear music they way your ears want to hear it.