Manhattan Moonshine

Manhattan Moonshine [$49.99], developed by Whiskey veteran, author and master distiller Ian Smiley in conjunction with Will Kehler, is an un-aged Whiskey sourced and distilled in upstate New York. Absent of corn, with a distinctive grain bill including oats, rye, a...

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Reservoir Distillery

Reservoir Distillery is a Double Gold award-winning distillery located in Richmond, Virginia, created by proprietors and lifelong friends Jay Carpenter and David Cuttino. All of their mash bills are 100% expressions of the finest quality, locally-sourced grains....

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Keeping your Orange Kush or Pineapple Express in a baggie is stupid. Cannabis needs a favorable environment to stay fresh and effective. Exposure to air can quickly dry trichomes. UV light deteriorates plant matter. Uncontrolled moisture invites mold and...

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The American Craft Beer Cookbook

In The American Craft Beer Cookbook [$19.95] award-winning beer journalist John Holl captures the best of the brewery and brewpub menus. Featuring 155 awesome recipes that cover breakfast,  brunch, lunch, dinner, ans dessert. Enjoy vegetarian and gluten free options...

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Vapium Weekender Edition

When you're trekking about off grid and you want to vape, this combo is impossible to beat.  Including both the SUMMIT® vaporizer and SPRING™ Solar Charger, the Vapium Weekender Edition [$189.99] is just the ticket, whether you are the Survivor Dude type or just...

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Regular Show The Movie

The Regular Show has a movie coming out in November called, appropriately enough, Regular Show The Movie. If you aren't a fan of the Cartoon Network show about two slacker best friends, Mordecai and Rigby, then you need to be. https://youtu.be/k6JF3MkAY6w

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Mega Man Legacy Collection

Capcom just launched the Mega Man Legacy Collection. The collection features truly faithful reproductions of all six of the original 8-bit Mega Man games thanks to the new Eclipse Engine. To contextualize the era in which these games were originally released, Legacy...

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Innokin Disrupter Vaping Power System

The Innokin Disrupter [$49.99 on sale] is the latest high powered vaporizer and is the first device to utilize Innokin’s InnokinCell Vaping Power System LiPo replaceable battery technology. The great thing about Innokin is they are a vape company devoted to safety, so...

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