The EGO POWER+ Blower [$200] is the first rechargeable blower to perform better than many gas-powered models. It runs on a powerful-ass 56-volt lithium-ion battery (that’s right, I said FIFTY-FREAKING-SIX) which (if my math is correct) harnesses and delivers 40% more tornado-like power than the leading 40-volt battery.  We love the EGO POWER+ Blower because it delivered the performance of gas without the noise, fuss and fumes. Check out the list of impressive features…. The best cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) rating when compared to any electric (and a lot of premium gas blowers) on the market today. Turbine fan engineering – that is  inspired by advanced aeronautics technology – to deliver industry-leading power and a high-efficiency brush-less motor that delivers a lightweight, compact design for longer runtime.  Uber-low vibrations and extended motor life. The EGO Power+ Blower is hands-down, the best rechargeable blower we’ve ever used, therefore it has easily earned the Uber Apparatus Best of Breed Award!

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