The ECOPEBBLE [$60] is drop, dust and water-proof. It meets IPX7 waterproofing standards, meaning it is free to join in on any lake, ocean or pool-side fun. The innovative design allows it to float right beside you in the water. One uber-cool aspect is it’s mounting ability. Engineered to mount to bicycles, kayaks, tents and just about any outdoor gear, you can also just hook onto your backpack with an included carabineer. It also has optional suction cups. Yea, pretty versatile. Exogear somehow fit the powerful sound of their larger speakers into the body of an extremely compact speaker. The ECOPEBBLE is a must-have accessory for music loving adrenaline junkies everywhere!  Capable of at least seven hours of play time before requiring a charge, it is always ready to rock. Imagine skipping the ECOPEBBLE across the lake while listening to Poi Dog Pondering….

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