It’s fall and that means leaf work. I can tell you from my days as a small engine repairman that Echo makes the best gasoline powered leaf blowers on the market. Handheld units, while convenient, used to be a pain to use because they tended to get a little “gyro-esque”. That’s not the case anymore thanks to the Echo PB-250LN Power Blower [$170]. It features something Echo calls “rotational control” which reduces the effort required to keep the blower from rotating in towards your legs like other handheld blowers do. The PB-250LN actually delivers a slight pull away from you. This “anti-gyro” effect makes the blower easier to handle and reduces stress on the old arm. I know! Right? It features a heart pumping 25.4 Power Boost Vortex engine with front exhaust – so you’re not sucking fumes – and it cranks out 391 CFM with 165 MPH of wind. We did some yard work around the Uber Office last weekend and even wet leaves that had been on the ground for a couple of weeks, where no match for the PB-250LN. That means that (like us)  you’ll have the leaves in check lightning fast and can be back on the couch watching football in no time at all!

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