The eBeanie Cap withe Wireless Bluetooth [$49.95] from What’s Good is one of the best products within the wearable-technology market. What’s an eBeanie? It’s an acrylic cap, with top-shelf Bluetooth-enabled technology, speakers and, unlike the competition, a revolutionary embedded microphone that allows people to make and take hands-free phone calls and listen to music all without fussing with meddlesome wires. Enjoy the simplicity of true wireless device. To us, it’s the hat that speaks for itself. The eBeanie retails for $49.95 with free shipping from the What’s Good website Currently, it comes in 5 colors (red,blue, black, pink and camouflage) with 3 more (orange, yellow and purple) on the way. What’s Good LLC, founded by an American military veteran upon returning from Afghanistan, did its homework with its eBeanies. With all this form and function, we believe, the eBeanie deserves the Uber Apparatus “Best of Breed“.

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