The Eames Lounge Chair [$4,499] is probably the most famous mass produced piece of American furniture. Designed and built by the genius duo of Charles and Ray Eames, sat in and admired by countless (and comfortable) people over the years, this is the ultimate lounge chair. You will love everything about this chair. The rich leather, the elegant and groundbreaking molded plywood shell, the intense comfort, and the beautiful ottoman. Not to mention the historic nature of the chair and the design, and the cultural cachet of the Eames name. No modern recliner is more comfortable, and no piece of furniture is more beautiful or more justly famous. This is the Emperor of all lounge chairs. You can’t buy a better lounge chair for your Man Cave. This is the absolute creme de la creme, made by the greatest design team of all time, produced by the best furniture company in America. The chair has been on display for decades at museums like the Art Institute of Chicago, and New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and the reams of scholarly, critical, and fan writing and correspondence is enormous. It’s truly one of the most famous and well-respected chairs ever built, and now it can be yours through Smart Furniture and Herman Miller.

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