The Luna Eclipse [$199.99] from Edifier is a stunning 74 watt, 2.0 Bluetooth speaker system that will “Rock the Casbah” and your man-cave (or any other room of your house).  It is a  must have for any audio enthusiasts seeking exceptional audio coupled with a visually striking experience. Connect it to a Bluetooth enabled device for wireless audio, or to your audio host using the provided auxiliary cable. Touch sensitive controls. located on the active speaker, control volume, power and track change with a swiping motion when in Bluetooth mode – VERY COOL!  The Edifier brand is well known among audiophiles for their commitment to quality and forward thinking design. The Luna Eclipse epitomizes both of those virtues. A speaker system that looks as striking as it sounds is a pretty rare commodity in today’s audio market, but these bad-boys deliver exactly that! They are Uber Awesome!

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