Ducati Scrambler is a new brand from Ducati that provides a fresh take on the values of the iconic Ducati Scrambler from the 1970s: initially built with the US market in mind, in just a few years it had become a worldwide success. The new design is post-heritage: it draws on the best from the past and gives it a decidedly modern re-interpretation. Yet the Ducati Scrambler is no vintage bike; it is an emphatically contemporary one that expresses the pure essence of motorcycling. Refined tried and tested materials such as the aluminium swingarm and engine covers and the steel teardrop tank and frame. Combined with new-generation components such as front and rear LED lighting and LCD instruments and an under-seat USB port. Wide handlebars and a long seat provide a comfortable, relaxed riding position and, together with the low weight, low bars and slight knobby tires, ensure pure riding fun.

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