52% of dogs are overweight in the U.S. and just 7% of owners are actually aware their dog is unhealthy. If dog owners really want to know about their dogs health there is DogTelligent [$159], the first all-in-one smart dog collar. DogTelligent’s integrated health monitoring helps dog owners benchmark activity levels based on their dog’s unique breed and age; helping them keep their dog healthy. DogTelligent’s connected collar easily trains, tracks & manages a dog’s health, activity & safety use. Dog owners can store and share vet records so they can easily stay up to date on vaccinations, medications and regular pet maintenance that can help their dogs live a longer and healthier life. Their vet can see their dog’s actual activity levels which can be indicators of potential health problems. The connected collar’s ultrasonic whistle can also be set to automatically detect and deter excessive barking. The collar has built-in vibration signaling and an ultrasonic whistle, like professional dog trainers. The app includes pre-programmed commands like sit, stay, down, and come that makes training easier. No more yelling “STOP” at your dog or feeling embarrassed when they uncontrollably bark.

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