Days Island Starter Kit  [$34.99] is three of Days Island’s top selling oils. Their Starter Kit contains three essential oils that can address a number of  issues:

  1. Dandruff – when shampooing, add a few drops of their tea tree oil to help get rid of the flakes.
  2. Acnetea tree oil is a natural antiviral/anti fungal/antibacterial, and a drop of it applied to the affected area will help kill the mini-infection. Follow that up with a drop of their lavender oil, which is a natural anti inflammatory that will relax the inflammation surrounding the infection.
  3. Body odortea tree oil and lemon oil are both fantastic at eliminating underarm odor that is caused by bacterial buildup while sweating.
  4. Depressionlemon oil has been clinically proven to lift moodiness brought about by depression. It also energizes and invigorates.
  5. Stress/tensionlavender oil has shown similar relaxing properties as Xanax and other drugs. It is calming, relaxing, and can also battle depression.

Day Island’s #1 goal is to provide their customers with the finest products and finest service.

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