Cook with Grazia [$3.99 – Free at launch]  is definitely a must have in the kitchen for the bachelor. Cooking for a lady is the number 1 way to impress her.  With this app it will be a breeze. It’s a collection of 80+ authentic, Italian, 20-minutes recipes illustrated step-by-step with awesome photos so you can know when you nailed it! Recipes can be selected with a fun to use wheel that includes a special section for romantic dinners. The app offers everything you need in one place: not only how to prepare delicious Italian cuisine, but even how to select, buy and store key Italian ingredients so that the taste of the finished dishes will be authentic. Every recipe includes tips, tricks, variations or substitutions, menu and wine suggestions. No more guessing in front of pasta, extra virgin olive oil or wine shelves. Unexpected dinner guest? No worries… you’re covered. You can prepare a delicious meal using the “cook with what’s on hand” button in the Essentials section of the app. Don’t sleep on this one. The app will be FREE at launch on March 14th – but only for a few days.

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