Chrome created Knurled Welded™ Waterproof Rolltops [$100-$160] for bike camping, adventure biking, and all weather commuting – when weight matters and getting wet is not an option. Go Farther. Stay Dryer. Guaranteed for Life. The Knurled Welded line consists of Saddle Bag and Front Rack Duffle Rolltop. Knurled Welded Rolldtop Duffle and Saddle Bag Rolltop work on the bike and off. Both bags leave the hardware on the bike where it should be. The Result is a saddle bag and front rack duffle you can carry around. This is a industry first for both the Knurled Welded process as well as the design integration of the hardware for the bike bags that stay on the bike – what this means is that the user can easily slide the saddle bag off the bike and carry it away without the added weight of transitional saddle bags.

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