The Uber Staff is always looking for a chance to get out in the wilderness for  some roughing it. And we realize that it is a right of passage for many, a chance to become one with nature, to be close to your ancestral stomping grounds. But as technology has advanced we have now perfectedthe “inside,” the outside became obsolete; at least the outside became less about the outside and more about bringing the inside to the outside. Grandpa Uber used to tread out into the woods with nothing more than the clothes on his back, a hunting knife, and a single roll-out pad, he was unaware of the decades to come and how it might change the definition of roughing it.

Now that we have things like the ChargePak3, roughing it doesn’t have to be so rough. Sure, you can head out grandpa style, but when you’ve got the incredible efficiency of a universally compatible, super-portable, stand-alone charging port for all your external devices, you suddenly have the option to bring along a bit of society. Reconnecting with nature doesn’t have to mean throwing out the safety net of calling for help or the assurance of Angry Birds keeping you company.