ChargeKey for iPhone5 [$25] is a portable lightning cable the shape of a house-key. It’s designed to fit onto your keychain just like a house-key, so you’ll always have an iPhone cable on you. Use ChargeKey to charge/sync your iPhone from any USB port. ChargeKey is the latest product from NOMAD. A few months ago the good folks at NOMAD sent us the ChargeCard to checkout and we loved it. When showing it to some of my friends, one dude said… “Man that’s cool, but it it would also be awesome if they made one that fit on your key ring”.  Well, now they do, and it’s called the ChargeKey. Now I have a ChargeCard in my wallet and a ChargeKey on my key ring. So I will never be looking for a charge cable again! It works great, I’m charging my iPhone with it as I write this. It is definitely Uber Apparatus and has earned the Uber Apparatus Best of Breed Award

Preorder: Hello Nomad  —  Available in February 2014