If you find yourself on a snipe hunt or maybe coon hunting in the backwoods of  Virginia, the Bushnell H250L AD Headlamp is a great device to have on hand (or actually on your head). It’s part of Bushnell’s  Rubicon line which is a blend of extremely high lumen output, 65 years of optical craftsmanship to improve beam quality over standard LED lights and unique features that are only available on Rubicon products. This 250 Lumens lamp  has a 312 Lumens boost feature for when you need to really shed a blinding amount of light on the subject. This thing is chocked full of high tech features. It has a Red Halo low-lumen mode designed to enhance sight without compromising natural night vision. Dual output: spot for long range, flood for wide proximity lighting and a rear mounted external battery for extra-long runtime.  All of that would be enough to garner the Best of Breed Award but there’s more… It has an advanced auto dimming feature to automatically adjusts from long distance brightness to dim light for close viewing.  Regulated circuit delivers consistent brightness throughout the useable life of the battery.

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