Over the next 6 months Uber Apparatus is taking on a HUGE project. We will be building THE UBER MAN CAVE! That’s right baby! Literally from the ground up, we will tackle this big-ass project… just for you, our loyal Uber Fans. Well actually… it does help that we are building it in MY back yard. Either way, we hope you will enjoy this multi-part series that should be fun and informative. Make sure you check out all of the great sponsors who are helping us along the way.

Your man cave needs to be place you can call your own, hang out your friends, enjoy some space to play video games, watch TV, play music or work on hobbies.  Based on your interest and purpose of the space, your man cave can be housed anywhere from a spare room, basement, or area in the garage. For our project we decided to start from the ground up. A 2 story detached garage. Having a detached garage offers several advantages. The main one in our minds is that it leaves the main house intact which allows us a lot of flexibility with the time-frame and scheduling. With the Uber Apparatus Man Cave Project, this is critical since we will be documenting the entire process and showcasing as many cool new products as possible. We decided to not have a time-frame to begin with. That way we will never be “behind” schedule.  So no “We are so far over budget and behind schedule” drama. The Uber Man Cave will not be pressured by time-lines and schedules. A masterpiece takes time.

The first step to create your man cave is to determine the purpose.  If tinkering with motorcycles or vintage cars is your thing – space in the garage may be more appropriate than a room in the house.  Pool tables, juke boxes or posters can provide some additional inspiration.  If watching sports, playing cards or video games is the key to your get away, a room in the house may be more appropriate. Since we like to do everything Uber Style, a 2 story Man Cave seemed like a no-brainer. This allows us to have the best of both worlds. Garage area downstairs for garage/workshop types of things, and the upstairs for a more comfy, multi-media luxurious atmosphere.

In our next post we will be finding the perfect plans!