If you’re like most men, you’re still wearing the same kind of ‘tighty whities’ you grew up with. Duluth’s Buck Naked™ Underwear [$22.50]  is making working guys all across the country change their underwear. They’re stretchy, yet supportive too, for extra ease when you’re climbing or kneeling.  They also wick sweat far more efficiently than any cotton skivvies out there to keep you drier. Plus they have an antimicrobial treatment to fight odor. I love these underwear. They really feel like I’m going commando without the unpleasantness that is usually associated with that. But enough about how great they are. I think we’ve established that fact. The TV commercials are the best, so just enjoy the video and send it to your buddy who “doesn’t watch TV”. And then order a couple of pair of Buck Naked Underwear by clicking the link (down and to the left). These Buck Naked Underwear have been Uber-Tested and are Uber-Awesome! … TMI?… Who Cares!

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