Sometimes you need a LOT of pressure other times you just need a little and with the new Briggs and Stratton PowerFlow+ Pressure Washer [$399] you can get as little or as much pressure as you need. The POWERflow+ pressure washer – with its incredible 3,000 PSI of pressure – is perfect for cleaning the toughest stains you’ll encounter like mildew and grime from decks, driveways and siding. But as I just mentioned, you can dial down the pressure and get plenty of volume because the PowerFlow+ delivers up to 5 gallons per minute of water to rinse away soap, dirt and other debris. That is something that the other washers we’ve tested just can’t do. The PowerFlow+  is perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces like patio furniture, vehicles, gutters, eves and 2nd story windows. We used it to wash our official Uber Apparatus vehicle and it made short work of it. Returning our SportChassis P4XL to its brand new appearance. Parking lot? Yea we knocked that out too. Back deck? You know it! We went to town on the toughest grime we could find and like all Briggs and Stratton equipment it busted the work out like a dream. First pull starting, consistent power and relentless performance. The Briggs and Stratton PowerFlow+ pressure washer is definitely Uber Apparatus. We have an agreement with Briggs and Stratton to give the PowerFlow+ to a local charity after we put it through the Uber Challenge and we are going to do that this weekend. But I have to tell you that after we drop it off, we are headed back over to Lowes to pick one up for ourselves because it is absolutely the Best of Breed!

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