The Boulder Driving Moccasins [$175.00], from the ae by Allen Edmonds collection – is simply put – the most  incredible pair of driving  moccasins that you will ever wear. I wore them into the Uber Office today and I have to tell you that the feeling of walking around in the best shoe ever made, is a feeling that every man deserves to reward himself with.  This casual slip-on loafer is a joy to slide your foot in and out of. You’ll be ecstatic with the protection and traction you receive from their unlined mudguards and the curved grooves on the bottom of its Blues rubber sole. You will be stoked that they were crafted with awesome design features like the two-tone leather body and contrast stitching, both of which look cool whether you are hanging out or going out. A joy to wear and look at, the Boulder will put a smile on your face no matter where you call home. Do yourself a huge favor and get a pair of these Boulder Driving Moccasins. You won’t be sorry!

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