Because when the $hi7 goes down,  every moped will need a cross-bow…  The Black Ops MOTOPED [Contact for Price] takes preparedness to a truly extreme level. You can protect your precious ass(ets) , and neutralize threats – no matter how heinous they are. Zombie Apocalypse?  Smart preparedness dictates that you’ll need a cross-bow, assorted knives, shovel, and a hatchet to to cut their heads off with, climbing rope to get you down a ravine or up a tree, and an extra couple of gallons of fuel in portable side-mounted tanks will let you travel up to 500 miles… Or maybe you just want to go camping. Whatever your desire or needs are, the Black Ops MOTOPED has an oversized rack that accepts all kinds of standard after-market mounts so that you can load it down like a camel in the desert.

Check it out: MOTOPED